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Wellbeing and Sustainability

Intimately related to wellbeing is the idea of sustainability; sustainability of individuals, institutions, communities, environments and the planet.

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Wellbeing & Sustainability

This theme considers that wellbeing and sustainability are core principles of contemporary workplaces and education systems. Wellbeing has ethical and moral dimensions that are an integral part of the way in which educators negotiate the potent influences of diverse values and beliefs, and amid change and uncertainty. Related to wellbeing is the idea of sustainability – sustainability of individuals, institutions (such as schools), communities, environments and the planet.

Our Wellbeing & Sustainability research is orientated toward:

  • ž places of connection
  • ž places of acceptance
  • ž places of awareness and mindfulness
  • ž places to explore dissonance

Focus Area 1 – Teacher and student wellbeing

The focus here is on professional experience and placement including:

  • School children
  • Impact of school leaders/learning leaders
  • University-school partnerships
  • Pre-service and in-service initial teacher education professional learning and development
  • Ongoing professional learning

Focus Area 2 – Pedagogy and Learning

Foci include:

  • Play pedagogies
  • Mindfulness
  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in subject/content knowledge in school and higher education settings.

Focus Area 3 – Values, ethics and sustainability in Education

Foci include:

  • Local, national and Asia-Pacific teaching and research partnerships including State University Jakarta and Satya Wacana Christian University (Indonesia); Centre for Compassion and Altruism Research, Stanford University;
  • Promoting arts-based and emancipatory research methodologies - including phenomenology, ethnography and narrative inquiry
  • Global competencies and wisdom studies
Dr Sue smith

Dr Sue Smith
Senior Lecturer in Education
T: 08 8946 6316

Richard Midford

Prof Richard Midford
Professor of Health in Education
T: 08 8946 7443

Greg SmithDr Gregory Smith
Senior Lecturer in Education
T: 08 8946 6320
Dr Bea Staley
Lecturer in Education
T: 8946 6668
Georgie NuttonDr Georgie Nutton
Lecturer in Education
T: 08 8946 7793

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