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International Graduate Centre of Education

Supporting the transition to school: A pilot program

This study looks at the experiences of children as they move into formal schooling in remote NT communities.

Transitioning to school

Dr Georgie NuttonChief Investigators: Professor Gary Robinson; Dr Alison Marchbank; Dr Georgie Nutton

Duration: 2015 - 2016

Funder: Developing Areas of Research Strengh (DARS)

Partners: Menzies School of Health Research; Centre for Child Development and Education; School of Psychological and Clinical Studies

This project investigates the transition from home and prior to school settings into formal schooling for children in a remote Northern Territory community. The study will examine the different experiences of children as they move from various prior to school programs such as Families as First Teachers, Let’s Start, and Preschool through to the first year of formal schooling (Transition) and into Grade 1. Children’s learning outcomes and attendance will be measured for the impact of these experiences. Parental perceptions and participation will also be examined as an established and important aspect of how well children transition between these programs. As a pilot, this project will provide essential understandings for the development of an integrated approach to a broader evaluation of transition to school outcomes.

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