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Social and Emotional Wellbeing Education

This research aims to extend upon the successful Drug Education in Victorian Schools (DEVS) project

Wellbeing in NT communities

Photo above courtesy of Menzies School of Health Research

Richard Midford

Chief Investigator: Professor Richard Midford

Duration: October 2013 to December 2015

Schools have long been recognised as excellent settings in which to provide a range of health programs. They hold a critical place in the social and emotional development of young people through the environment they provide and the knowledge and skills they teach (Lang, P Best R, Lichtenberg, 1994; National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, 2009; World Health Organisation, 1998).

This research aims to extend upon the successful Drug Education in Victorian Schools (DEVS) project, which demonstrated that a single health issue program can produce significant benefits in relation to students’ health and wellbeing. 

This study will investigate whether there are additional benefits from an integrated classroom program by identifying and measuring:

(1) what broader prevention benefits can be gained when a program of known efficacy in one area of health education (alcohol and drugs) forms the basis for an integrated well-being program that incorporates sexual and mental health; and

(2) what further benefits are provided by taking a whole-school approach.

Consisting of a small-scale needs analysis followed by a pilot trial, this project will inform practice in the Northern Territory and other jurisdictions and form the basis for larger scale nationally funded research.

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