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Long term evaluation of the Norseman voluntary liquor agreement

This research project develops a place-based framework to monitor and measure the impact and effectiveness of Alcohol Management Plans (AMPs) and other alcohol initiatives in the NT.

Norseman camels

Photo above courtesy of Menzies School of Health Research

Professor Richard Midford

Chief Investigator: Professor Richard Midford

Duration: April 2014 to December 2015


This study, funded by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Evaluation (FARE), evaluates the long term effects of voluntary restrictions on the sale of packaged liquor in the Western Australian town of Norseman. It replicates and extends the first evaluation, which was undertaken immediately after the restrictions were introduced in 2008, and employs the same mixed methodology.

Long term alcohol consumption will be analysed for trend, as will alcohol-related health and law and order data. The views of stakeholders and community members, as to the long term impact of the restrictions, will also be collected.

The findings from this research will provide greater understanding of how voluntary alcohol agreements work in the longer term, and whether initial benefits persist over time.

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