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International Graduate Centre of Education

Case-based learning for classroom ready teachers: Building self-efficacy and resilience through narrative pedagogies

The interpreting of local 'case-stories' can offer preservice teachers meaningful engagement with 'real' teaching experiences.

Chief investigators: Dr Lisa Papatraianou and Dr Al Strangeways

Funding: Innovation@CDU

Classroom readiness and the attendant theory-practice disjunction remains a key concern of policy makers, stakeholders and graduate teachers themselves. Yet only a few solutions have been identified to address this disjunction. The aim of this project is to develop a new space for partnerships in which to systematically approach the use of real place-based narratives in teacher learning and to examine how the generation and collaborative interpretation of local case-studies by preservice and mentor teachers enable them to achieve ‘authentic and enduring learning’ from working with ‘real accounts’ and ‘problematic experiences’.

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