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Education Health Research Nexus projects

This program enhances the gains of organisations, and individuals working to close to the aspirations-outcomes gap in selected communities.

Our Education Health Nexus (EHRN) program attends to the overlapping sites of engagement that provide young people, families and communities with a healthy start to life.

This program spans the disciplinary boundaries between education and health to better understand how administration and governance in both sectors promotes (or hinders) progress towards healthier systems, and populations. With a focus on the interstices - the in-between spaces - the efforts of this program address the complex spaces of living, learning and working to improve health, education and sustainability in communities.

For a list of publications (2011- 2015) from the DARS EHRN program please click here.

Foci include:

  • ž intergenerational literacy and learning in families and communities
  • ž early childhood health & well-being
  • ž health and resilience paradigms
  • ž placed-based intervention

The EHRN program intersects with our four research themes shaping postgraduate research training in the IGCE.

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