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International Graduate Centre of Education

Master by Research

We seek new understandings of living, learning and working by using critical research practices to advance equity. All the while we firmly situate these inquires in today’s technology and global context.

Master by Research Students

About the program

Our Master by Research students represent some of the best and brightest minds in the world of educational research. We attract students from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, North America, and all over Australia. This diversity generates a research and learning environment rich in theoretical and policy resources drawn from around the globe. Our research staff welcome the opportunity to supervise and partner with students from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, as well as drawing on the theoretical interests this generates. For more information about Higher Degree Research and scholarship opportunities with the Graduate Centre please visit the CDU Research page. This degree attracts experienced  education and workplace professionals interested in areas such as:

  • comparative studies in education
  • digital workplace future
  • wellbeing and sustainability
  • identity, language and culture
  • teacher education and teaching
  • educational policy analysis
  • vocational education and training
  • early childhood education
  • non-formal education

View our current students and their projects here.


All research students choose one principal supervisor and two associate supervisors to study with during their enrolment. Please visit our find a supervisor page to view IGCE researcher expertise and their availability.

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