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International Graduate Centre of Education

Doctor of Philosophy

Our researchers are invested in the transformation necessary to revitalise schools and workplaces as connected places for learning in large cities and small communities.

PhD Students

About the program

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is considered to be the capstone experience in self-directed postgraduate study. It offers an exciting opportunity to combine personal and professional passions for discovery, connecting and networking with community and systems and growing your capacity to make a strong contirbution to your field and your community.

PhD candidates in the International Graduate Centre of Education have access to dedicated teams of academic researchers with practical research experience with issues of significance in the Asia Pacific region. Every IGCE research candidate receives academic support from a panel of supervisors.

Candidates receive administrative and financial support as well as research methods training in data collection strategies, support (for example transcription or data base development), networking opportunities (for example access to policy specialists) and support to publish in journals, websites and professional newsletters as they progress in their study. Our research staff welcome the opportunity to supervise and partner with students from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, as well as drawing on the theoretical interests this generates. For more information about Higher Degree Research and scholarship opportunities with the Graduate Centre please visit the CDU Research page.

In the IGCE, we utilise our international partner networks, researcher expertise and alumni to grow an internationally aware and locally responsive community of policy specialists, practitioners and researchers.

View our current students and their projects here.


All research students choose one principal supervisor and two associate supervisors to study with during their enrolment. Please visit our find a supervisor page to view IGCE researcher expertise and their availability.

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