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International Graduate Centre of Education

Methodologies for Territory: Exploring futures for local and international practice

Associate Prof Julie Matthews (L), Prof Sue Shore, Dr Philip Wing Chan

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The International Graduate Centre of Education had a very successful end of year event focusing on researchers’ ways of thinking through local and international educational practice. Over four days event, staff and postgraduate candidates participated in inspiring public lectures and workshops from Associate Professor Julie Matthews and Dr Philip Wing Keung Chan.

Associate Professor Julie Matthews is currently Associate Head, Research in the School of Education at University of Adelaide. She is a sociologist of education with a background in education, sociology, anthropology and cultural studies.

Dr Philip Wing Keung Chan is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Monash University. He has worked in course development and training at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers.

The highlights of the events were as below:

Public Lecture by Associate Prof Julie Matthews: New Directions in the Internationalisation of Education: Where are we going and why? Postcolonialising international education.
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Workshop by Associate Prof Julie Matthews: The probable possible and preferred futures of Internationalisation: What do we want for education and how will we get there?
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Public Lecture by Dr Philip Wing Chan Internationalisation of education/cross border education: challenges and opportunities in Asia Pacific Region
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Workshop by Dr Philip Wing Chan: Asia as method and network governance in education
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