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Undertaking a PhD is not for the faint hearted!

Dr Jenny Buckworth

Monday, May 8, 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Jenny Buckworth on successfully completing Phd from International Graduate Centre of Education, CDU. Jenny's project titled 'Risky business: experiences of preservice teachers identified as 'at risk' whilst undertaking professional experience', focused on providing an opportunity for preservice teacher voice.

 "My ride through my part-time PhD candidature was not unlike that of many others. It could easily be plotted on a graph in which self-doubt, writers' block, personal drive and deep-learning feature prominently. There were moments where I felt I had dug myself into a hole and going nowhere aka, the Post Hole Digger (PhD). Questions such as“Am I cut out to do this?” and “How much do I need to know?” regularly punctuated my thoughts. In contrast, were the high moments or the signals of successes: The Confirmation of Candidature; the crystalizing of ideas; the completion of draft chapters; and, the ultimate, final submission. This final highlight took me to the pinnacle of deep and long-lasting inner pride.
I remain grateful for the expertise, patience and understanding of my supervisors, and the support of colleagues who helped me to find my way. With this support, my Doctor of Philosophy was completed in a few whirlwind years and, while feeling somewhat weary, the sense of euphoria has been both welcome and enduring!" , Dr Jenny Said.

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