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Digital Futures in NT Schools workshop

If you are a registered teacher in NT and interested in how digital futures might impact policy and classroom practice, centre for school leadership (csl) is offering you a professional development opportunity.

Centre for School Leadership is providing a 1-day interactive workshop on scenario planning that will focus on current & emerging trends in the use of digital technologies for teaching, learning, and administration in NT schools. Focused on futures thinking through a process of scenario planning, activities will include:

  • reviewing current practices associated with teaching with ICT
  • identifying drivers of change
  • reviewing the potential of emerging technologies
  • facilitated discussion on individual, organisational, & jurisdictional readiness scenario development using ‘scenario planning’  as the instrument

All participants will be invited to complete an (anonymous) online survey prior to the event. The output of this workshop will be written up by CDU academics & shared with all participants.

To register your interest, please contact Pat at the Centre for School Leadership:
T: 8946 7255 | E:

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