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International Graduate Centre of Education

About us

The International Graduate Centre of Education (IGCE) facilitates a unique learning process that encourages collaborative and self-directed learning.

IGCE team

The International Graduate Centre of Education is invested in the transformation necessary to revitalise schools and workplaces as connected places for learning in large cities and small communities. We are privileged to work alongside candidates and colleagues from around the world and from diverse professions. Their theoretical and policy contributions provide a rich foundation for research that builds upon the long standing tradition of influential education research undertaken by researchers within the School of Education at Charles Darwin University.

We now have a number of Master of Education and Graduate Certificate courses for fast track professional development.  See our links in 'study with us'. Like much of our work, these courses are guided by principles of collaboration, working across regional boundaries and multimodal forms of discovery with colleagues.

IGCE Reports


A globally engaged education research community committed to Indigenous educational leadership.


To conduct cutting–edge research that educates, informs and inspires positive change in education systems, workplaces and communities.

We engage with highly skilled educators, local and regional education systems and Indigenous communities and leaders to promote and deliver professional development for a 21st century workforce.

Core Values

  • žadvancement of Indigenous Australians and those developing communities in the Asia-Pacificž
  • decent engagement with and provision of education for all
  • produce research that promotes a spirit of critical enquiry and enriches our understanding of living and learning – across all sites and forms of learning, and throughout all stages of lifež
  • work with great educators and researchers who produce
  • critically engaged research to inform high quality, evidence-based decisionsž
  • contribute to tangible improvements in local, national and global education systems, policies, and practices
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