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Young Australians Alcohol Reporting System (YAARS)

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Young Australians Alcohol Reporting System  (YAARS) is a national research project run by Curtin University in collaboration with universities and health departments in every state and territory of Australia including Charles Darwin University.

If you are aged 14-19 and regularly drink alcohol, you are invited to take part in a study looking at alcohol use amongst young people. You can join in through an in-person interview OR through an online survey. The information we collect will be used to make things safer for young people.

         Talk to us in person

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        Take our Online Survey

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You can meet up with one of our friendly university researchers at a coffee shop, health building, or another public place that suits you.

The interview will take 45-60 minutes and you will be asked about your experience and what you think about alcohol use.

You will be reimbursed $40 cash for your time and expertise.

Interviews are confidential and anonymous. This means we will not ask you for your name or address. You may use a false name to book an interview time.

If you're interested in being interviewed:

Contact Richard Midford for a Darwin(NT) interview:

Phone/Text:0457 826 827


If you can't make it to a face-to-face interview, you can complete the survey online.

This survey is open to all 14-19 year olds living in Australia who are regular drinkers of alcohol.

The online survey should take about 20 minutes and is also anonymous (we will not know who you are).

We have 400 $40 JB Hi-Fi vouchers to give away to people who have completed the online survey (T & C). If you choose to enter the prize draw, your email address will be stored separately from your survey responses.

Please click here for the online survey.

(Note: you can either do the online survey OR be interviewed face-to-face, not both)

Is this research anonymous?
Yes. At no time will information that can identify you (such as your name) be recorded on the questionnaire. You are also free to use a false name to make any interview bookings. There is more information on how we protect your anonymity at the bottom of this FAQ page.

Is this research legitimate?
Yes. This study is run by the National Drug Research Institute (Curtin University) and has been funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health to promote good health in general, with an emphasis on young people.

This project is a national collaboration and we have team members from all over Australia including: the University of New South Wales (NSW), Monash University (VIC), the University of Tasmania (TAS), Flinders University (SA), ACT Health (ACT), Charles Darwin University (NT), and the University of Queensland (QLD).

How long does the interview take?
The face-to-face interview will take 45-60 minutes, depending on how much information is exchanged. The online surveys will take around 15-20 minutes.

Where are interviews conducted?
Most city interviews are conducted at coffee shops that are suited to confidential interviews and are easily accessible by public transport. However, for participants who have difficulty getting to these city locations we may be able to interview in other locations.

Has this research received ethics approval?
Yes. We have ethics approval from Curtin Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC; approval number HR 52/2014). All other states and territories have been approved for data collection under this application number. For more details contact Curtin HREC on (08) 9266 2784.

What are the aims of this research?
The study aims to investigate alcohol use, outcomes of drinking, and some of the influences on alcohol use. The information from this project will be used to make recommendations on how to make things safer for young people.

How will this collected research be used?

  • The information from this project will be used to make recommendations on how to make things safer for young people.
  • This research project is one of several sources of information about alcohol use amongst young people in Australia. The data can be used by young people and groups advocating for young people. Results can also be used by government agencies to inform policy decisions on a range of issues including treatment and law enforcement.
  •  Every effort is made to collect the data, report on and disseminate the findings of the research in a way that is respectful of young people who use alcohol. Although, like any research, once data is made publically available, it may be used by others to support a variety of positions, some of which may be in agreement with, and others may be contrary to the views of the researchers and/or research participants.

Who is this research funded by?
The Australian Government's Department of Health and Ageing (grant D16-451850).

Can I be interviewed with friends?
Interviews must be conducted one-on-one with our researchers. However we can schedule you and your friend(s) one after the other on the same day, as long as you and your friend(s) are comfortable waiting until the other has completed their interview confidentially.

I have some friends that might be eligible and interested in being involved; can I tell them about this study?
Yes. Please free to tell your friends and share the link for this study. However, all participants will need to be screened for eligibility.

How else will you protect my confidentiality?

  • You are also free to use a false name to make any interview bookings.
  •  Any information such as your email used for booking an interview will be kept separately from the survey form and deleted at the end of the data collection period.
  •  The survey form will not include your name, address or any other identifying information
  • The survey form will include information such as your age, gender, and postcode. The results will be presented in terms of these groups (e.g. metropolitan vs. non-metropolitan participants).
  • We will ask you to generate a special code at the end of the survey. This special code is comprised of a series of questions that you will answer in the same way each time you complete a survey with us. The idea is that we can link your old and new surveys to see how your responses have changed over time, while still maintaining your anonymity (without knowing who you are). The special code will ask questions such as what the first letter of your mother's first name is, and the first letter of your pet's name.
  • If you would prefer not to answer a specific question in the interview, you are free to skip that question
  • The interview information will be collected through a SSL encrypted online survey run by Qualtrics.
  • Our trained interviewers will only use private networks to connect to the survey server
  •  If you're completing the survey by yourself, we won't collect your IP address
  •  Only the research team has access to your data and at our research centre, we at NDRI have been doing drug research for over 30 years and at no time have agencies such as the police attempted to gain access to information about the individuals we have interviewed.
  • The only time we need to share what has happened within an interview to another party is if you tell us that you intend to seriously harm yourself or other people.
  •  All interviewers have passed a working with children security check and consider protecting your confidentiality and safety to be vitally important.

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