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Annual Report 2015 (PDF 8.3MB)

The IGCE ceased loading publications to the following data base in early 2017. Charles Darwin University staff research can now be accessed through the Research Webportal

The International Graduate Centre of Education produce a number of research and corporate publications each year.

Some of these include:

  • annual reports
  • newsletters
  • journal articles
  • book chapters.

Below you can access a database of our publications, with the most recent appearing at the top of the list.

To find something specific, filter by type or search by year or keywords.

Publication title Type Year Downloads

Buckworth, J., Kell, M., & Robinson, J. (2015). Supportive structures: International students and practicum in Darwin schools. The International Journal of Diversity in Education, 15(1), 1-10.

Journal article 2015

Crerar, J., Smith, S., Boyle, A. & Smith, G. (2015). The defence of Darwin: From the ‘what?’ to the ‘so what?’ of a cross-curricular resource. Curriculum Perspectives, 35(2), pp 41-51.

Journal article 2015

Hyndman, B. (2015). A qualitative investigation of Australian youth perceptions to enhance school physical activity: The environmental perceptions investigation of children's physical activity (EPIC-PA) study. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, article in press.

Journal article 2015

Hyndman, B., & Chancellor, B. (2015). Engaging children in activities beyond the classroom walls: a social-ecological exploration of Australian primary school children's enjoyment of school play activities. Journal of Playwork Practice, 2(2), 113-136.

Journal article 2015

Owens, K., & Edmonds-Wathen, C., & Bino, V. (2015). Bringing ethnomathematics to elementary school teachers in Papua New Guinea: A design-based research project. Revista Latinoamericana de Etnomatemática: Perspectivas Socioculturales de la Educación Matemática, 8(2), 32-52.

Journal article 2015

Roofe, C. (2015). The urban teacher: Towards a context responsive teacher preparation curriculum. International Studies in Educational Administration, 43(1), 3-16.

Journal article 2015

Roofe, C., & Miller, P. (2015). Mentoring and coaching in academia: Reflections on a mentoring/coaching relationship. Policy Futures in Education, 13(4), 479-491.

Journal article 2015

Sattar, F., & Nawaz, M. (2015). Reciprocal Peer Observation: A Framework for developing teaching and learning skills in tertiary enabling science courses. The Online Journal of Distance Education and e-Learning, 3(4), 61-66.

Journal article 2015 PDF icon Download

Fry, G. (2015, November 4-6). Building school leadership in remote Northern Territory schools: a model framework. Paper presented at the 31st National SPERA Conference Mapping Education Policy Landscapes: Rurality and Rural Futures., Geelong, Victoria.

Conference publication 2015

Fry, G. (2015, November 4-6). Remote Indigenous school principalship: Characteristics, capabilities and qualities of an effective remote school principal, discussion paper. Paper presented at the 31st National SPERA Conference Mapping Education Policy Landscapes: Rurality and Rural Futures, Geelong, Victoria.

Conference publication 2015


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