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Annual Report 2015 (PDF 8.3MB)

The International Graduate Centre of Education produce a number of research and corporate publications each year.

Some of these include:

  • annual reports
  • newsletters
  • journal articles
  • book chapters.

Below you can access a database of our publications, with the most recent appearing at the top of the list.

To find something specific, filter by type or search by year or keywords.

Publication title Type Year Downloads

Shore, S & Butler, E 2012, ‘Missing things and methodological swerves: Unsettling the it-ness of VET’, International Journal of Training Research, vol. 10, no. 3, pp. 204–218.

Journal article 2012

Slee, J 2012, ‘Addressing systemic neglect of young Indigenous children’s rights to attend school in the Northern Territory, Australia’, Child Abuse Review, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 99-113.

Journal article 2012

Singh M & Tamatea, L 2012 ‘Innovations in partnership-driven teacher education: stimulating Australian languages education through transnational knowledge networking’, Local-Global: Identity, Security, Community, vol. 9, pp. 20-43.

Journal article 2012

Callahan, M, Kersten, T, Baker, R, Jinmarabynana, C, Wauchope, H, Eather, G & Egan, T 2012, ‘Unravelling the complexity of community capacity building through teacher education’ Seventh Annual Education and Development Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 5 to 7March.

Conference publication 2012

Edmonds-Wathen, C 2012, ‘Spatial metaphors of the number line’, 35th Annual Conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA), Singapore, 2 to 6 July.

Conference publication 2012

McDowell, P 2012, ‘The nostalgic movement of responsibility in Patočka’s later teaching’ Judgement, Responsibility and the Life-World, Perth, WA, 28 November to 29 November 2011.

Conference publication 2012

McDowell, P 2012, ‘Is transdisciplinary teacher education possible?’, International Conference on Responding to the 21st Century Demands for Educational Leadership and Management in Higher Education, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 28  to 29 June.

Conference publication 2012

Shore, S, Whitington, V & Thompson, C 2012, ‘Skills shortages and industry renewal: rethinking work and occupational knowledge when recognising prior learning’, 15th Annual AVETRA Conference: The Value and Voice of VET Research for individuals, industry, the community and the nation, Canberra, ACT, 12 to 14 April.

Conference publication 2012

Stevens, M.R., Midford, R., & D'Abbs, P.H.N. (2015). Place-based framework for the evaluation and monitoring of alcohol management plans and other alcohol initiatives in the Northern Territory: Methodology.

Research report PDF icon Download

Hyndman, B. (2015, August 7). The heat in northern Australian classrooms could impede learning. The Conversation.

Online publication PDF icon Download


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