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Professor Sue Shore with her book

Professor Sue Shore with her newly released book from SUNY Press

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Disrupting Adult and Community Education: Teaching, Learning, and Working in the Periphery – SUNY Press

Congratulations to Professor Sue Shore, Director of the IGCE on the release of her new book! This edited collection was completed with colleagues Dr Robert Mizzi (University of Manitoba) and Dr Tonette Rocco (Florida International University), and is the result of many years of labour and conversation with colleagues, and a testament to Professor Shore’s commitment to the importance of Adult Education in an increasingly inter-connected world.

Download the flyerThis groundbreaking book re-imagines adult education through candid examination of teaching, learning, and working in spaces often dismissed by mainstream policy analysts, politicians and university researchers. The case studies offer well-developed exemplars of learning, working and living in the lives of sex workers, LGBTQ activists, undocumented migrants, disabled workers, homeless youth, immigrants, inmates, and others. Focusing on learning at the social margins, this book challenges readers to reconceptualise local, national, and transnational adult education practices in light of neoliberalism and globalisation. Professor Shore’s distinctive contribution to the collection is a chapter on whiteness at work in Australia’s vocational education and training sector. The chapter challenges our reading of university pedagogies and the view that whiteness is invisible in these and other settings.

The book provides remarkable exemplars of learning and community building that survives and thrives in the shadows of formal systems: on streetscapes and farms, in vehicles and homes, and through underground networks.

If you would like to learn more about Professor Shore’s research and research interests, please visit her website at

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