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Dr Gretchen Geng

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Congratulations to Dr Gretchen Geng, Associate Professor in teaching and learning on the release of her new book titled, 'The Challenge of Teaching'! This collection was completed with colleagues Dr Paul Black and Pamela Smith, and is the result of two years labour .

This book presents thirty-one accounts by final year pre-service teachers to both provide guidance and insight for less advanced students of teacher education, and illustrate the use of life history and narrative stories as methods for pre-service teachers to explore educational issues in classroom practice. This life history approach seeks to identify those political, economic, and social forces which have impinged on the individual at different points in their life and contributed to the process of changing their identities. These stories are not written by established specialists in the areas they deal with, but instead by novice teachers at the beginning of their paths towards mastering the intricacies of teaching and learning in school settings.

Thus, the book provides a mentoring framework and a means of helping pre-service teachers share their valuable experiences and insights into such things as how to manage practicum requirements. This book helps establish a supportive relationship among pre-service teachers, providing them with access to valuable peer experiences. The book also helps pre-service teachers make sense of their own practicum experiences and reflecting on their own beliefs and professional judgement to develop their approaches and solve problems in their own classroom practice.

More generally,  this book will be effective in fostering the development of reflective teachers and positive attitudes towards the value of research into teaching and classroom practice. This book may be interesting to the teacher educators for what it reveals about students in their field.

If you would like to learn more about Dr Gretchen Geng, please visit her wesite at

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