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MEDI graduate awarded with David Sell Award

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Congratulations to Daniel Lee, a Master of Education (International) (MEDI) Graduate  who was the recipient of the David Sell Awad.  This award was for the best post- graduate research  presentation at the Australian and New Zealand Society for Research in Music Education (ANZARME)  Conference held in Auckland, New Zealand. Daniel presented the findings of his Master of Education (International) Thesis in Global learning - A global approach to guitar tuition: Developing an electric guitar meta-canon.

His research investigated the development of a meta-canon for the electric guitar by analysing the status of various compositions within the implicit standard repertoire of electric guitar. An international curriculum for instrumental electric guitar tuition based on a meta-canon of ten songs was then proposed. The meta-canon was designed with  a specific goal of preparing an electric guitarist for work in the modern global music marketplace.

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