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Stressed? Triggers in stress levels among first year education students

  • IGCE symposium

Abstract: An important issue faced by Australian higher education institutions is retention of teacher education students. A critical contributor to high drop-out rates in second year for these students seems to be the high levels of stress they experience in their first year. It was found first-year education students had significantly higher stress levels than other years’ education students. Contributing stressors included academic work commitment; completing placement and related performance assessments in schools and at university; having a good understanding of the requirements of professional teaching, such as classroom management, and working with mentor teachers; and conflicting work and family commitments.
Nigel Bagnall has extensive professional and consulting experience in a wide range of educational settings. His work in international schools and his research on the International Baccalaureate has established his reputation in the field of international curriculum in cross-cultural settings. His current research interests include education and belonging, global identity, youth transition and the role of international schools as agents for change.

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