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Research Proposal Presentation- Merek Sinclair


This research investigates the experience of students in the kindergarten to grade 2 (K-2) class using mobile technology devices for reading in a multiage classroom. In the research, students will engage with a specific software program, RAZ Kids. RAZ kids is used for reading, dictating and recording electronic books. As a young international school in rural Japan, students have little access to an engaging and wide variety of English book resources at their appropriate reading levels. Many students in the K-2 class are literate in Japanese and English. RAZ Kids has proved to be a useful tool in promoting reading in English within this population. Not all students show preference to electronic book reading. This research hopes to identify what features of RAZ kids make it an appealing or non-appealing reading tool and in what ways the students engage with this technology. Students will be interviewed with research questions about their reading habits and also video recorded while they use RAZ kids. From the video, common themes will be coded and classified to form a picture of each participants learning habits with this technology. This research will help inform the researchers teaching practice and identify how this uniquely located and mostly bilingual population engage with electronic book reading.


Merek Sinclair was born and educated in Adelaide, Australia. After moving overseas, he gained a postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning from Charles Darwin University. Since January of 2012, he has worked as the multiage homeroom teacher of the Kindergarten, Grade one and Grade two combined class for the Hokkaido International School, Niseko. He teaches PE and is the cultural exchange coordinator of the school. Formerly a professional ballroom dancer with his wife, he now enjoys outside/inside sports, exploring nature and skiing/snowboarding with his daughter.

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