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Research Proposal- Ms Amy Yu


Chinese language popularity in the world has increased dramatically due to the rapid growth of China’s economic status. However, the current situation of Chinese language learning is not optimistic. It has been noticed for a long time that there has been a high dropout rate of students learning Chinese. No exact guidance of the teaching of Chinese Hanzi has been described clearly when looking at the international Chinese curriculum. The aim of this research is to investigate the perceptions of adult non-Chinese Chinese language learners in regards to when Hanzi should be integrated into CFL, with a further view to addressing the current attrition issue of non-Chinese students learning Chinese language.  


Amy Yu is a lecturer/ co-ordinator of the Chinese Studies in Charles Darwin University. She started to teach Chinese at the Department of Modern Languages in the Northern Arizona University, USA in 2005. She is currently completing her Master of Education (International) with the School of Education, Charles Darwin University.

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