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Public Lecture: New Directions in the Internationalisation of Education: Where are we going and why? Postcolonialising international education.

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Taking the case of international education and its relationship to internationalisation, this lecture outlines a postcolonial approach to educational research. I suggest that the entanglement of international education with notions of internationalisation conflates the technicist edubizz nature of international education with idealist, edifiying elements of internationalisation. In distinguishing these, I identify the crux of the problem as an effect of the domination of globalisation theory in education.

Postcolonialism is a political project concerned with reconstructing and reorientating Western knowledge, ethics and power structures (Young 2012).

The postcolonisation of disciplines such as sociology, politics and cultural studies, and the rise of sub-disciplines such as transnational, diaspora and subaltern studies can be regarded as adopting a ‘consciousness of the era’ (Young 2012).  In continuing to disregard postcolonialism, education research misses the opportunity to examine, expose and think beyond the contradictions and struggles in, and for education in the contemporary era.   

About the Speaker

Associate Professor Julie Matthews is currently Associate Head, Research in the School of Education. She is a sociologist of education with a background in education, sociology, anthropology and cultural studies and she has research expertise relating to cultural diversity, refugees, antiracism, reconciliation, and international and sustainability education.  Before joining the University of Adelaide in 2013 Dr Matthews was Associate Professor Social Sciences, Director of Research, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and Associate Director of the Sustainability Research Centre: Transforming Regions at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

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