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Developing ERLI: A Checklist of receptive and expressive vocabulary for babies and infants 0-3 years old

  • Workshop

In this talk we report on the development of ERLI, the ‘Early Remote Language Inventory’. ERLI is a MacArthur-Bates style parent checklist of first words and gestures, both expressive and receptive, designed specifically for Aboriginal children in northern Australia who may have as home language(s), English, Kriol and/or other languages including traditional languages. ERLI acknowledges the parent or carer as expert on their child, and supports a positive, detailed conversation about the child’s development in communication, making this a practical tool for parent-professional collaboration, for early screening, and for use in education contexts (e.g. 0-3 parenting programs). We look forward to your input, ideas and advice, and we welcome collaborations in our current norming and validation project for ERLI.

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