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International Graduate Centre of Education

DARS EHRN Symposium

  • Special event

The International Graduate Centre of Education is pleased to invite you to attend the two days DARS Education Health Research Nexus Symposium 'Where to next?'. The Education Health Research Nexus Symposium will celebrate the achievements of researchers supported by the Developing Areas of Research Strength program over the last four years, and consider the convergence of evidence, methods and collaborations at this Nexus’ that may inform future directions. A future that is innovative, strategically situated, relevant, timely, collaborative and transformative.

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Day 1 Program
23rd Feb 16:00- 18:30


Welcome soiree and poster presentation

Dr Georgie Nutton

Welcome to country

Ms Bilawara Lee

Short welcome and introduction

Prof Sue Shore

Short response

Prof. Jan Wright

Invitation to consider posters and meet one another

Prof Sue Shore
TimeDay 2 program
24th Feb 9:00- 16:30

Acknowledgement of country
Welcome to event / housekeeping
Introduce first keynote

Dr Georgie Nutton
Ms Rachel Mayhead

0930-1000Keynote: What is the Education Health nexus – a theory of EHNProf. Richard Midford
Dr Georgie Nutton
1000-1030Presentation – CollaborationsDr Nici Barnes
1030-1100Morning Tea
1100-1120Presentation- MentorshopA/Prof. Gretchen Geng
1120-1140Presentation – Leveraging track recordDr Lisa Papatraianou
1140-1200Presentation- MethodologiesProfessor Richard Midford
1200-1230Raconteur / provocateur - bring the content together and introduce themes invitation to imagine what nextProf Jan Wright
1330-1345General intro to afternoon workshop

Prof. Jan Wright and
Prof. Richard Midford


Small working groups:
Based on themes from morning’s presentations, consider practical applications in future opportunities

Prof. Jan Wright
Prof. Richard Midford
Dr Georgie Nutton

1445-1530Whole group ‘show ‘n tell’. Discussion focused on what is needed to bring these ideas to fruition or increase feasibility

Prof. Jan Wright
Prof. Richard Midford

1530-1545Tea break
1545-1615Keynote – bring it all together, summarise, challengeProf Jan Wright
1615-1630Closing and thank youProf Richard Midford

Professor Jan Wright is a Professorial Fellow in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Wollongong. Her most recent research draws on feminist and poststructuralist theory to critically engage issues associated with the relationship between embodiment, culture and health.  She has been the recipient of seven ARC grants and CI on a range of other competitive grants and tenders.

She has supervised over 35 doctoral students to completion. As an Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Education, she developed policies and support strategies to support staff and postgraduate research and research supervision.  As Research Development coordinator and then President of the Australian Association of Research in Education (AARE) she instituted the AARE Theory Workshops and coordinated these for their first two years. In the last ten years an important element of her work has been the development and facilitation of workshops and retreats to support Early Career and, most recently, Mid Career Academic research and writing within the Faculty of Social Sciences and across the University more widely.

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