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Challenges in global learning symposium

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Symposium Information

The International Graduate Centre of Education (IGCE) hosted an International Symposium on Challenges in Global Learning: international contexts and cross-disciplinary responses. The objective of the symposium was to engage participants in discussions regarding the challenges and opportunities associated with designing education and training in an increasingly connected world. The range of the research presented and its links to practice made the symposium relevant for a wide spectrum of professionals involved in the field of education: teachers, leaders, managers and researchers.

Discussions were aligned with four core research themes associated with the Graduate Centre research program: Wellbeing and Sustainability; Digital Education Futures; Identity, Language & Culture; and Knowledges & Epistemologies.

Guest presenters included:

  • Professor Andrew-Peter Lian (Thailand)
  • Professor Brian Mooney (CDU)
  • Professor Koo Yew Lie (Malaysia & UK)
  • Professor Peter Freebody (USyd)
  • Professor Sue Shore (IGCE)
  • Professor Sven Silburn (Menzies School of Health)

Professor Sven Silburn (Menzies School of Health Research, Director, Centre for Child Development and Education, CDU) is a national leader in clinical, epidemiological and evaluative research in child development and education with influential publications including major epidemiological studies of child health and school readiness.

Professor Peter Freebody is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia with interests in literacy education, educational disadvantage, classroom interaction and research methodology. He has authored or edited 10 books and over 20 research reports to government.

Professor Koo Yew Lie (co-organiser of the symposium) is an Honorary Professorial Associate at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK; Adjunct Professor at the IGCE, Associate Research Fellow at the Institute National Higher Education Research Institute Malaysia and formerly, Professor of Language Studies and Linguistics at the National University of Malaysia. She researches, teaches and publishes in the areas of language, culture and literacy in multilingual and pluricultural environments, as well as in the area of higher education with special interest in Malaysia and ASEAN countries.

Professor Andrew-Peter Lian (Professor of Foreign Language Studies and Director of the Technology-Enhanced Language Learning Unit, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand; Professor of Postgraduate Studies at Ho Chi Minh City Open University, Vietnam, and Professor Emeritus of Languages and Second Language Education at the University of Canberra). He is one of the pioneers of Technology-Enhanced Language-Learning in Australia, developer of rhizomatic, technology-supported self-adjusting learning environments and awareness-raising tools for language learners.

Professor Brian Mooney (Professor of Philosophy, Head of School of Creative Arts and Humanities, CDU) has an international reputation in moral philosophy, the theory and practice of education, professional and applied ethics, political theory, jurisprudence and social justice, as well as ancient Greek and mediaeval philosophy.

Professor Sue Shore (Director of IGCE, CDU) has more than 30 years teaching, research and education management experience and has built a sustained history of collaboration with community, school, VET and university organizations and colleagues, focusing on social inclusion and its implications for organizations, educators and trainers.

Dr. Ania Lian (lecturer in Teaching & Learning, CDU) is a co-organiser of the symposium, Vice President of Asia Computer-Assisted-Language-Learning Association, Research and Innovation, Chief Editor of The Online Journal of AsiaCALL, and a Member on a number of international Advisory and Editorial Boards.

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