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International Graduate Centre of Education

Celebrating new initiatives in university-community research

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You are invited to join us to celebrate our 2016 successes in co-publishing with education communities.  The International Graduate Centre of Education at Charles Darwin University has become an incubator for producing research rich education publications. Discover new ways to enhance your professional development and collaborative publishing opportunities through graduate and postgraduate study. Explore with us what it means to collaborate and co-publish with experienced researchers and practitioners across local and global education practice.

The Challenge of Teaching: Through the Eyes of Pre-service Teachers
Gretchen Geng, Pamela Smith, Paul Black (Editors)
Springer Publishing
This book presents thirty-one accounts of life history and narrative stories by pre-service teachers as they explore educational issues in classroom practice. This approach identifies those political, economic, and social forces that have impinged on the preservice authors at different points in their life and how these contributed to the process of changing their identities.
Disrupting Adult and Community Education: Teaching, Learning, and Working in the Periphery
Robert Mizzi, Tonette Roco, Sue Shore (Editors)
SUNY Press
This groundbreaking book critiques the boundaries of where adult education takes place through a candid examination of teaching, learning, and working practices in the social periphery. Lives in this context are often situated in the shadows of formal education systems: on streetscapes and farms, in vehicles and homes, and through underground networks. Focusing on learning at the social margins, this book challenges readers to reconceptualise local, national, and transnational adult education practices in light of neoliberalism and globalisation.

Challenges in Global Learning: Dealing with Education Issues from an International Perspective
Ania Lian, Peter Kell, Paul Black, Koo Yew Lie
Cambridge Scholars Publishing
This volume draws on collaborative research between researchers and Master’s coursework students to investigate issues shaping global learning. Four research themes – knowledges and epistemologies; identity language and culture; wellbeing sustainability and globalisation; and digital futures and new learning – reflect strategic research priorities in Australian education and offer a framework for approaching and evaluating educational changes and developments.
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